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3 Skin Care Recipes You Can Make From Your Kitchen

There's nothing more satisfying than creating your own skin care products. I love experimenting with different ingredients and scents that I can throw together for a spa day at home.

The majority of my skin care comes straight from my kitchen, so it's fresh, natural and packed full of goodness just as mother earth intended.

I've selected three of my favourite face mask recipes that I have collected from various sources over the years. They are super easy to make and you probably don't even need to leave your home for the ingredients.

So if you're sat reading this with some free time, run yourself an epsom salt bath and get mixing while it runs. Go on, light a few candles while your at it!

1. Cocoa Delight

1x tablespoon raw natural honey

1x teaspoon shredded coconut

1x teaspoon fairtrade cocoa powder

This is the ultimate indulgent face mask for your skin, if you can stop yourself from eating it first! Cocoa slows down the maturing of skin, I say that's enough for me to eat more chocolate, and honey is extremely moisturising and antibacterial. The shredded coconut adds a gentle exfoliant which makes this face mask perfect for winter months, especially when our skin is put through its paces with constant temperature changes.

Mix all the ingredients together in a ramekin or small bowl and massage into the face, avoiding eyes. Leave on for 20 minutes while you soak your cares away. Remove with a clean damp face towel.

P.S. it's OK to have a nibble, no one is judging!

2. Totally bananas

1/2 a banana

1x tablespoon raw natural honey

1x tablespoon rolled oats

This face mask came about when I needed to use up some bananas that had over ripened. My other half thought I was bonkers when I started to smear banana over my face, which is why I've named this "totally bananas".

Bananas are actually really good for your skin, they lighten, tighten, moisturise and reduce inflammation. They are great for balancing out oily skin and preventing breakouts, so pairing them with honey's antibacterial properties is perfect for keeping your skin clear. I've added rolled oats as an exfoliant as they help to treat dry skin and are natural cleansers which help to remove trapped dirt and oil. If you have combination skin, this is the perfect mask for you.

Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl and massage all over the face, avoiding eyes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and wash off using a clean damp face towel.

Tip: use a plug strainer to catch the rolled oats to prevent clogged water pipes!

3. Coffee Cream

1x tablespoon ground fairtrade coffee

1x tablespoon raw natural honey

1x teaspoon almond milk or nut milk

This scrub is packed full of goodness, coffee helps to reduce inflammation and the appearance of cellulite. It brightens the skin and increases circulation. Coffee grounds make an excellent exfoliator and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and ready for anything. The honey soothes and cleanses while the almond milk is rich in vitamin E, which helps in protecting your skin from sun damage. I love using this scrub before a night out with friends or family. It always makes me feel my best.

Mix all the ingredients together in a ramekin or small bowl and massage into the face, avoiding eyes. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove with a clean damp face towel. Admire your beautiful skin!

Let us know your go to home remedies for your skin!


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