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Five Steps to Start your Eco Friendly Home

The environment is a big topic at the moment, and rightly so. It's taken a long time to bring the media & the government to focus on the problems we face now and the state our climate is currently in.

I've been passionate about living more sustainably & using friendlier products in my home & skincare products ever since I could control what I purchase in my own home. My interest in reducing chemicals & waste started with trying to find a solution for seborrheic dermatitis (SD) which I had suffered with for most of my upbringing.

Researching into what could have been the cause of my SD led me down the path of understanding the chemicals used in shampoo and skincare products (you can read about my journey to combat SD soon). I struggled to understand why companies would want to use harsh chemicals, or even plastic, in products that we are using directly onto our skin & in turn into our environment. I could see first hand that chemicals were effectively burning my skin & so I set about finding alternatives for my home & beauty regimes.

It was overwhelming as, at the time, eco friendly cleaning products were non existent as a ready made product. So the first switches I made were mainly in my bathroom. The bathroom is the most high traffic room in your house for unnecessary chemicals & waste so it's a perfect place to start. It's better to start small and easy when it comes to moving away from chemicals or high waste products.

To get you started on living more sustainably I've put together my top five switches that you can easily start using in your bathroom today. Get ready to save money, time & space without any compromise!

1. Face Wipes

First up, Face Wipes! These were the very first product I stopped buying! Not only do they contain plastic (so they stick around long after they have been thrown away) but they contain chemicals, dry out your skin & still leave you with panda eyes in the morning.

My switch? Oil!

If you only switch one product from your bathroom, make it this switch. It is still the best switch I made to date. Oil cleansing draws out impurities in your skin & lifts away dirt, it also nourishes your skin naturally leaving it soft, hydrated & clear. Because of this it actually makes a perfect solution for acne prone skin, plus you can tailor make your own combinations for your own skin type & it even gets rid of waterproof mascara! Win!

I use a simple combination of sunflower oil, rose essential oil & vitamin E oil and mix together in a reusable pump bottle. I use two pumps of oil in my palm, massage into my face & gently into my eyelashes being careful not to fully rub into my eyes. You will instantly see the oil starts to shift make up. Take a hot wash towel and place over your face to steam the oil & open the pores, the oil will start to draw out any dirt or makeup within & cling onto it. After 30 seconds or so, wipe away the oil & repeat if necessary. I like to close my pores with cold water & follow with chemical free natural moisturiser. Hello glowing skin!

2. Shampoo & Conditioner

I could talk for hours about the harmful, unnecessary ingredients in shampoo. But that's for another day! Shampoo & conditioner's contain all sorts of chemicals not just Sulfate's & Paraben's. Many labels will make you believe these are the only harmful substances inside. There are new, friendlier, shampoo & conditioners popping up all the time & I have a personal interest in seeking out those that are 100% natural. I have yet to find any that come close to Moogoo's Natural Milk Shampoo. These guys know their stuff & they are the reason I stay SD free! I've used them for more than five years, that's five years of 100% chemical free, breathable, natural, lovely, bouncy hair! Trust me, the 2 week transition to chemical free hair is worth it! (You can read about this transition soon)

3. Face Scrubs

I rarely buy any face masks or facial scrubs, why would I when everything my skin needs is already in my kitchen!

There are loads of homemade recipes out there for skincare scrubs. They work so much better & are so much kinder to you & the environment. My 'go to' face scrub is simply honey & brown sugar, it's great for winter when your skin is exposed to constant temperature changes which can really dry your skin out. You can experiment with lots of different ingredients which are great for your skin such as banana, avocado or coconut oil, even coffee grounds make a perfect invigorating scrub. The possibilities are endless.

4. Soap

Another really simple swap; ditch the chemical foamy wash gels & bring in the homemade natural soaps! If you're reading this & thinking 'soap drys my skin out' your probably using soap that contains chemicals. Natural soap should not leave a squeaky feel or dry out your skin. It should leave your skin feeling soft & silky. I love faith in nature soaps, you can buy them unwrapped in bulk or pick them up from your local Holland & Barrett. Easy to pick up & great on price, win win!

5. Toothbrushes

We've all seen them, Bamboo Toothbrushes! While the most common bamboo toothbrushes still contain nylon, they are considerably less plastic than your average toothbrush. Bamboo is claimed to be antibacterial & is an extremely fast growing plant. This was a really easy switch & I even managed to make it stick in my very sceptical household!

Try switching one or two of the above items to begin with & let us know your own switch ideas to living more simply & environmentally friendly!


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